Zoe Greenfield Director

Zoe Greenfield was appointed as Director of the Ethical Journalism from 24 May 2021, taking over from Hannah Storm. Previously with the International Network of Street Newspapers (INSP) since 2014, Zoe played an integral role in the strategic development of the organisation, building a strong and supportive global journalism network.  Working with publications in 35 countries, Zoe delivered a portfolio of projects to help foster collaboration and the sharing of best practices across borders and cultures. This included projects such as the annual Global Street Paper Summit and Awards, the creation of an online member resource hub and the launch of INSP’s North American bureau.

Over 2020-21, much of Zoe’s work focused on facilitating the INSP’s response to the pandemic. She explored new ways to deliver resources digitally and provided guidance on topics such as income generation and the operational changes needed to cope with new challenges created by the pandemic. Zoe also supported colleagues to increase coverage of the impact of covid-19 on those
already marginalised by elevating the voices of people with lived experience.

Before joining INSP, Zoe spent several years working in the third sector with experience in a variety of fields such as international development, mental health, the arts and social enterprise.

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