Guidelines for network relations image

Guidelines for network relations


The following guidelines set out the framework for relations between the Ethical Journalism Network and its supporters and support organisations:


  1. Membership of the EJN is free and open to journalists and editors, media, journalism support groups and professional associations that support its objectives;
  1. Supporters of the EJN may at any time withdraw from the process by writing to the secretariat of the EJN;
  1. The EJN does not replace, substitute or seek to compete with any of its supporters;
  1. The EJN works in co-operation with its supporters to advance education and as an information exchange supporting activities which are aimed at promoting dialogue and awareness of different points of view on the issues within the journalism industry;
  1. The EJN consults with its support organisations on the governance of the EJN, including the selection of members for the Board of Trustees;
  1. The EJN seeks the advice, guidance and opinions of its supporters concerning proposals for the further development of its work;
  1. Meetings of the EJN supporters at international level are organised by the secretariat of the EJN. Normally two meetings of EJN supporters shall be held each year.
  1. There are no financial obligations involved in EJN membership and the EJN secretariat will not seek funding for activities or country programmes on behalf of EJN members.

Confirmed and agreed by the Board at its meeting in London on December 8th 2015 and as amended by the change in objects agreed on February 28th 2016