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Governance and Administration

  1. The EJN is a non-profit entity and is registered as a company (June 7th 2013) and a Charity (2016) in the United Kingdom and is governed by a Board of Trustees which meets at least four times a year.
  2. The Board of Trustees, confirmed at the EJN Annual General Meeting on 5 April 2019, in London, is made up of Dorothy Byrne, Chair; Ashok Gupta, Treasurer; Zahera Harb; Randi Ogrey; Bernt Olufsen; Thomas Spence, Salim Amin and Jeanette Gustafsdotter.
  3. The Board is responsible for the operations of the EJN. It maintains the EJN in line with the aims, objectives and activities of the organisation as set out in these Foundation Documents and ensures the EJN remains a going concern and in good financial standing.
  4. The Chair of the Board is nominated from among the Board members of the EJN.
  5. Members of the Board serve a term of three years which is renewable but for a maximum of three terms.
  6. Members of the Board do not receive remuneration for their work, but shall have their reasonable expenses for travel, accommodation and subsistence paid for.
  7. The work of the secretariat and the day to day affairs of the EJN are the responsibility of the Director who is the Chief Executive and who is appointed by the Board. The Director attends board meetings and reports to Trustees on all aspects of EJN activity.