Self Regulation and Media Audits

The Ethical Journalism Network works with press councils and other self regulatory bodies to strengthen good governance and accountability with media around world with a current focus on Pakistan, Turkey and the Western Balkans. Following our reports on self-censorship and corruption – Untold Stories – and self regulation – The Trust Factor – we have developed a media audit for enterprises to analyse their own systems and processes and find areas where they can improve.

Supporting Self-regulation in 2016


During 2016, the EJN programme of support for ethics and self-regulation in Pakistan in collaboration with International Media Support was launched with contributions to work on the creation of a single, unified code of conduct for journalism in Pakistan, which is being led by the Coalition for Ethical Journalism in Pakistan which was launched as an EJN supporter three years ago. The EJN co-hosted a seminar on online regulation at the Global Forum for Media Development World Forum in Jakarta in September 2016.


In 2016 the EJN launched its Western Balkans ethics programme in co-operation with UNESCO, the European Federation of Journalists and other partners. Over the year the EJN met with leading editors and media regulators in Kosovo and Serbia to present how the EJN self-evaluation process for media can help build ethical and transparent management both of editorial and media business.

On November 29, 2016 the EJN made the keynote introduction to the launch of one of Europe’s first codes of conduct targeting online media in Greece. The EJN highlighted that the was work in progress and there was more to be done to develop a comprehensive, but distinctive code that will meet the demands of journalism in the digital era.

The latest on self-regulation and good governance.

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Self Regulation in Egyptian Media

In 2011 the EJN’s Aidan White put together guidelines for self regulation in Egyptian media with UNESCO and Egyptian journalists. Although the circumstances have changed since the Arab Spring, the guide provide useful advice on how to establish self-regulatory systems in difficult circumstances.

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