Press Freedom

Fighting for Press Freedom in 2016

At the start of the year, the EJN joined an international delegation of press freedom groups to Istanbul protesting over the detention of Editor Can Dündar and Erdem Gül, in Turkey.

The EJN was active around the World Press Freedom Day events in Helsinki organised by UNESCO on May 2-3 with the Director moderating a panel on combating hate-speech.

August saw the EJN receive a special award from the Turkish Association of Journalists for its support and solidarity during the current media crisis in that country. On a more off-beat note, the EJN played its part in a 24-hour discussion in support of journalism ethics organised by Norwegian media leaders in Arendal, Norway.

On September 28, as Turkish media continued to be targeted in the government crackdown after a coup attempt in July, the EJN took part in a Council of Europe Roundtable on media, justice and corruption, in Ankara and argued for a new low-key approach to training and support for free expression in Turkey during the period of crisis.

Safety of Journalists and reporting in conflict

Our work with UNESCO early in the year involved joining the conference on media ethics and safety of journalism in Paris. On World Radio Day 2016 the EJN partnered with UNESCO to create a special podcast on media ethics in conflicts and natural disasters which was circulated and heard worldwide throughout the day.

The problems of propaganda and combating hate through ethical journalism were the themes of two contributions by the EJN to upcoming publications on journalism and conflict. The EJN has contributed a chapter on good governance for media safety as part of a book being prepared by Al Jazeera and wrote a section on ethics and media reporting from conflict zones published by the Konrad Adenaur Foundation in November 2016.

Ethics and conflict reporting

Ethical Choices Journalism in War

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