P24 – or Punto24 – is a timely initiative to support and promote editorial independence in the Turkish media.

While an outspoken and inquisitive media is an asset to any society, we believe such an initiative is particularly necessary to support a journalistic profession that is coming under ever fiercer commercial and political pressure.

P24 is a not-for-profit, civil society organisation, a platform, which counts as its founding members some of the most respected members of the Turkish press.

Its broadly defined mission is to build capacity in the Turkish media, create a public appetite for media independence, and more specifically to encourage the transition to web-based journalism.

It does so through various strategies:

– through example (providing content; organising and encouraging investigative journalism with independent funding);

– by organising training for young professionals, by providing practical assistance to news sites of proven integrity

– by bringing issues of media integrity to public attention.

Objectives are:

·To encourage the publication of independent, quality and accurate news in Turkey at a time when this is in real jeopardy

·To provide a forum for journalists of proven integrity who are being denied a voice.

·To promote best journalistic practice

P24’s goal is nothing less than to break the unhealthy monopoly of government controlled media in Turkey and encourage accurate, balanced, fair, non-partisan news coverage.

The founders of P24 are: Hasan Cemal, Yasemin Çongar, Hazal Özvarış, Doğan Akın, Murat Sabuncu, Andrew Finkel and Yavuz Baydar.

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