The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) was established in 2006 by a group of Palestinian journalists and activists willing to join forces to promote and defend the right to freedom of expression and opinion in Palestine. During the first two years, MADA was run solely by volunteers driven by the desire to support the journalists who face oppression and censorship while carrying out their work. MADA is now formally registered as an NGO, with its headquarters in Ramallah, and operates throughout the Palestinian territories.


Vision: free and professional media in Palestine



  • Reduce violations of media freedoms
  • Promote a culture of freedom of expression and media freedoms
  • Ensure that the Palestinian legislation is in line with international standards
  • Develop the role of the media in the society and the advancement of democracy


Programs of Activities


1) Monitoring Media Freedom Violations: MADA is the leading organization monitoring media freedom violations in Palestine. It watches, documents, and exposes all violations committed by both the Israeli and Palestinian sides against media freedoms. MADA publishes alerts, press releases, monthly, semiannual and annual reports, and special reports on specific violations which it then circulates broadly.

2) Legal Aid: MADA established a legal unit which employs two lawyers, one in Gaza and one in the West Bank, to provide legal consultation to journalists, defend them before the courts, and visit detained journalists to bring them support and monitor their conditions of detention. In addition, MADA conducts training courses for a varied audience (journalists, media students, lawyers, judges, persecutors,security forces, etc.) on local and international laws related to the media and the protection of freedom of expression.

Advocacy: MADA organizes awareness-raising campaigns on media freedom and freedom of expression (e.g. End Impunity against Violators of Freedom of Expression, Right to Access Information, Stop Journalists’ Self-Censorship, World Press Freedom Day and digital rights).

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