The Public Liberties and Human Rights Center was founded on November 1, 2008 as a “desk” within Al Jazeera. Today it is staffed by a diverse team which works across different areas of the network.

Our editorial team operates on all of Al Jazeera’s platforms and in all of the network’s languages. The journalists produce original stories and content examining human rights issues around the world, complimenting the network’s hard-hitting news.

Our safety and security team works on providing the network’s staff with hostile environment training and legal protection. It is a basic requirement at Al Jazeera that any staff member being deployed to a dangerous location must first receive appropriate training and safety equipment.

And our campaigns section works on fulfilling one of the main objectives of the Public Liberties and Human Rights Center at Aljazeera Media Network – to build strategic partnerships and cooperation protocols with human rights and humanitarian organisations across the world. This desire to join forces with key players on the international stage has led to numerous positive outcomes such as increased awareness of journalists of the standards and principles of human rights, the launch of strong media campaigns to support victims of human rights violations and promotion of the principles of justice, equality, rule of law, democracy, and human rights.

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