International Media Ethics Day Workshop: Does Freedom Of Expression Have Any Limits?

The Ethical Journalism Network in partnership with The Center for International Media Ethics (CIME) hosted a live debate on “Does Freedom Of Expression Have Any Limits?” on International Media Ethics Day to discuss how free expression fits into society and journalism using case studies on migration, misogyny and acts of terrorism.

Press freedom is a basic condition for ethical journalism – journalists must be able to tell the truth without fear and intimidation. But from a media ethics standpoint, can freedom of expression go too far? This workshop addressed the following questions:

– Should journalists limit their own freedom of expression – when and for what reason?
– If freedom of expression is restricted in any way, how can journalists get around it to express themselves anyway?
– Should journalists exercise self-censorship to respect cultural sensitivities?

Panelists included:
Aidan White, Director of the Ethical Journalism Network
Annette Young, Journalist & Presenter on The 51 Percent on France 24