EJN Report on Challenges for Journalism in the post-truth era

About the Ethical Journalism Network

Our Mission

The Ethical Journalism Network aims to strengthen the craft of journalism and to promote for the public benefit high ethical standards in media through education, training and publication of useful research.

Who we are

EJN Board

  • The EJN is an independent international network of media professionals created to advance education, particularly education in ethics and respect for human rights.
  • As a registered charity in England and Wales the EJN is governed by a board of trustees which is chaired Dorothy Byrne the Head of News and Current Affairs at Channel 4 in the UK.
  • The organisation was founded in the underlying belief that ethics and respect for human rights, particularly freedom of expression, is a core element of democracy. Intrinsic to this is an independent, pluralist media sector rooted in respect for human rights and where journalists work freely is essential for a democratic society.
  • Find out more here: https://ethicaljournalismnetwork.org/who-we-are

Our Supporters

  • The EJN is supported by over 60 international organisations including press councils, journalist associations, media development groups and members of the freedom of expression community.
  • Find out more here: https://ethicaljournalismnetwork.org/supporters

The EJN’s Aims and Objectives

  • Prepare reports on the current ethical challenges and governance issues affecting journalists and their work, through information sharing; country missions; targeted research; and distribution of reports and materials on matters of contemporary concern to journalists and media professionals which will be freely available to all;
  • Strengthen co-operation between media professional groups at national, regional and international level and to work, as appropriate, with other relevant governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations;
  • Promote respect for the status of journalism by enhancing levels of skill and knowledge of ethical principles within media, particularly through training and education of journalists, media managers and owners;
  • Organise and encourage educational activities and knowledge exchanges between the media community and civil society.
  • Find out more here: https://ethicaljournalismnetwork.org/who-we-are/aims-objectives-activities

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The Ethical Journalism Network is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity No. 1166150

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