The Ethical Journalism Network, together with their partners the Evens Foundation and the Fritt Ord Foundation, have produced a report which looks at the challenges that the media are facing in Bulgaria. This report follows the publication of reports on Poland and Hungary and is part of a series of reports that will be published over the coming months on the media situations in Slovakia and Czech Republic.


Based on a number of interviews conducted with media practitioners in Bulgaria, the report argues that control of much of the Bulgarian media is in the hands of pro-government allies and oligarchs who have created an environment where sensational and tabloid journalism is thriving at the expense of quality outlets. The ethical pockets that are trying to produce ethical quality journalism are often subject to intimidation and harassment from their counterparts in the tabloid private press which are owned by oligarch structures aligned to the government. These circumstances are creating an environment where trust in the media is continually declining. The report includes a set of clear recommendations for the media and policy communities to take forward.

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