Migration Reporting Toolkit

The EJN was contracted to develop this toolkit by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), with the support of the European Broadcasting Union and European Federation of Journalists.

Launched on World Refugee Day 2019, it builds on the popular 2008 Diversity Toolkit that FRA also developed in close partnership with the European Broadcasting Union.


The online e-Media Toolkit provides first-hand assistance to media professionals with learning resources, training courses, and opportunities to share and interact in three sections:

  1. Learning: allows users to take courses in which journalists or editors of leading media outlets share their real-life newsroom dilemmas of reporting on migration.
  2. Training: provides material for media trainers to design their own courses.
  3. Sharing: ethical journalism principles. allows users to interact with other users through forum discussions on fundamental rights.

Users can also propose new courses or download the news examples for further discussion among peers.

Drawing on input from leading media outlets like Agence France-Presse, Le MondeThe GuardianRadio France InternationalFrance TV, the BBC, and the Financial Times, the toolkit offers wide-ranging guidance on covering migration from different types of media.

This includes how to ethical reporting treating people fairly and with dignity, balancing accuracy, impartiality and humanity as well as the importance of context in providing balanced, impartial coverage.

Access the toolkit here: http://e-learning.fra.europa.eu

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