The EJN’s Impact 2017-18

In Asia the EJN engagement with teachers and professors in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam as part of a media literacy project run by the University of Vienna and the organization of two seminars on ethics for students and teachers at the National Communications University of China in Beijing and the Fujian Normal University in Fuzhou.

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The EJN’s Asia Programme 2017-18

  • In 2017 the EJN worked with local media and academic partners to strengthen efforts to improve standards of reporting in the face of intolerance and increasing propaganda amidst the growing political tensions in the region. Ethics, we have argued, are an antidote to media propaganda and war-mongering and we have been strongly supported by universities and leading journalists in the region.
  • The EJN has strengthened ethical journalism in Pakistan working with the Coalition for Ethical Journalism established in partnership with local media leaders in 2012. We have helped prepare detailed reports on a unified code of conduct for Pakistan journalism and a detailed report with recommendations on strengthening media capacity to combat external and internal pressures on journalism.
  • The EJN has established a working relationship with the All-China Journalists Association in China, and in April 2018 we carried out a new mission to the country where we reinforced our contacts with journalists and journalism schools. The results of our mission, which include detailed proposals for education, training and co-operation on ethical issues for media, confirm the need for new dialogues to strengthen ethical journalism without allowing self-regulation to become itself a form of control of independent journalism. The media and journalism landscape are vast and complex, but Chinese journalists are open to new forms of co-operation that will address the challenges facing media the world over.

EJN Activities in Asia in 2016

  • On June 18, 2016 the EJN organised in Hong Kong a meeting of academics and journalism leaders from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea in co-operation with Hong Kong Baptist University. The results of this meeting saw the launch of the East Asia Media Forum, which will aim to promote media dialogues and co-operation to combat rising threats to journalism from propaganda in the region.
  • In December an EJN held meetings with academics, media leaders, journalists and media regulators in Beijing, Shandong and Guangzhou. Following the mission the EJN prepared a report for future activities and links with Chinese journalism and media which will provide for new initiatives for ethical training in China and the east Asia in 2017 and the years ahead.
  • In 2016 the EJN programme of support for ethics and self-regulation in Pakistan was launched in collaboration with International Media Support to work on the creation of a single, unified code of conduct for journalism in Pakistan. This is being led by the Coalition for Ethical Journalism in Pakistan which was launched as an EJN supporter three years ago.

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