Professional Media: Press Freedom & Safety of Journalists

On the occasion, of the International day to end impunity for Crimes against journalists, Al Jazeera Human Rights Center is holding a Regional Symposium on Professional Media: Press Freedom & Safety of Journalists. The symposium will take place in Doha, November 2, 2017 and will be focusing on:

– Supporting freedom of expression and the safety of media professionals while carrying out their duties.

– The challenges facing the professional media when covering armed conflicts humanitarian and political crisis.

– The implementation of the United Nations plan related to safety of journalists.

– Principles of ethical journalism and human right.

– Promoting freedom of expression, combating hate speech and advocating violence, intolerance and racial discrimination.

– Endorsing the initiative of the Universal Declaration for the Protection of Journalists. currently enshrined in the international human rights and humanitarian law treaties.

The symposium will also discuss the strategic partnerships between media, regional and international organizations, networks, centres and institutes.

The EJN’s Tom Law will be one of the main speakers at the event.