12th September 2014
By Stefanie Chernow

Ethical Journalism Newsletter: September 12th, 2014


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Ethical Journalism News

EJN in Egypt: Cairo’s War on Terror Raises Fears for Independent Journalism

This week leaders of the Ethical Journalism Network visited Egypt to meet with independent media to discuss the professional crisis which has overwhelmed journalism across the country in recent months.

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Nigeria: Combating the Menace of Hate Speech

There is no limit to the damage that hate speech can do to a peace and stability in any community. Since the Boko Haram insurgency began, media audiences have watched with disbelief the hate messages churned out by the leaders of the insurgents. They have instilled fear in various communities and ruptured the much valued peace in Northern Nigeria. (via All Africa)

How the Media Can and Does Help Domestic Abuse Victims

After 30 years of working with domestic violence victims, Linda Osmundson says the Ray Rice case is typical of the 6,000 cases a year that flow through the victim support system, including a small shelter she oversees in Pinellas County. The big difference is most abuse cases don’t make the news. (via Poynter)

ISIS, U.S. Media and The Muslim World

“Islamic group beheads journalist,” one of the American newspapers said in big, bold print. “Why didn’t they just say terrorist group?” she asked me later as she reflected on her travels throughout the U.S. “Nearly every Muslim country has condemned what they do as un-Islamic.” That kind of question is one I’ve heard repeatedly over the last three weeks as I’ve traveled with a group of 13 international journalists throughout the U.S. and Indonesia with the Honolulu-based East-West Center to study Islam in America and Asia. (via The Huffington Post)

Diverse Voices Missing from Debate Over Showing Domestic Abuse Video

Once TMZ posted its video of “the punch” – the blow Ray Rice dealt his then fiancée and now wife, Janay Palmer Rice, knocking her unconscious and igniting controversy about how the NFL deals with domestic violence – editors throughout the country faced a single question of journalism ethics: Do we post the video? (via Poynter)

‘Robo-Journalists’ Sending out Automated Wire Stories? Maybe Not as Crazy as You Think

Automated writing will soon be showing what it can really do, when it merges with another technological advance: individual tracking of billions of consumers, thanks to their purchases, internet browsing habits, mobile communications and such. (via The Guardian)

Reports and Resources

Society of Professional Journalists: New Code of Ethics

Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. Ethical journalism strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough.

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