Ethical Journalism Newsletter: October 31st, 2014


Ethical Journalism News

Director’s Letter: October 2014

October has been a busy month punctuated by ethical talk and practical action in key corners of the media world – in Bali,where the EJN helped shape a ground-breaking policy on ethical journalism that was also noted by more than 30 regional governments; in Skopje, Macedonia, where a new EJN ethics programme for the media in Western Balkans and Turkey was finalised; in Palestine, where EJN and local partners launched a programme on ethics for young Palestinian journalists; and in Brussels, where the EJN is leading a media discussion on European challenges for self-regulation and journalism.

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FGM: Ban Ki-moon Backs Guardian’s Global Media Campaign

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, is backing a groundbreaking global media campaign led by the Guardian to revolutionise how female genital mutilation is reported and perceived across the world. Speaking at a key meeting with the heads of all of Kenya’s main media organisations at the UN headquarters in Nairobi, he announced five international FGM reporting grants, which will see key journalists in Kenya focus on FGM in an attempt to eradicate the harmful practice within a generation. (via The Guardian)

NY Times Public Editor Responds Concerns on Ebola Coverage

In terms of capturing the public’s attention, there may be no bigger story right now than the spread of the Ebola virus. The Times has given the story a great deal of attention with news stories, analysis, editorials, Op-Ed pieces and more. And most of it, from my reading, has been very good. However, I have heard from readers with legitimate concerns or complaints about some important specifics. Here are three examples. (via New York Times)

US Outlets Post Graphic Images, Video of Man’s Fatal Burns

A Brooklyn man died this past week after he was set on fire by an explosion. In covering the horrific incident, The New York Post published an almost full-page graphic photo of the man, naked, in its Oct. 22 edition. At least two New York news sites published video of the man on fire running through the street. (via iMediaEthics)

VIDEO: John Oliver Lambasts Media Over NYC Ebola Coverage

Chances are you’ve heard by now that Dr. Craig Spencer tested positive for Ebola last week after returning to New York City from a service trip to Guinea. Media hysteria ensued and “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver promptly lambasted the press Sunday for obsessing over every inch of ground Spencer covered in the hours leading up to his diagnosis. (via Huffington Post)

Where are all the Older Women in News and Current Affairs?

When Dorothy Byrne, head of news and current affairs at Channel 4, started out in television, there were lots of other women, she says. Now, aged 62, she wondered aloud on Radio 4’s The Media Show whether “they’re all dead”. What is going on with women in news and current affairs? At entry level, the genders march in step, but by the time men and women approach retirement age it’s as though the women are all sitting on one side of the seesaw while the men fly sky high. (via The Guardian)

On Ethical Media Coverage in Thailand (or Lack Thereof)

Yesterday four of Thailand’s media organisations: The News Broadcasting Council of Thailand, The National Press Council of Thailand, Thai Broadcast Journalists Association and the Thai Journalists Associations, signed a statement to express their concerns concerning how some parts of the Thai media have covered the recent murder case in Koh Tao. (via Asian Correspondent)