Ethical Journalism Newsletter: October 2, 2015


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Video: Does Freedom Of Expression Have Any Limits?

On September 25th the Ethical Journalism Network hosted the online workshop “Does Freedom Of Expression Have Any Limits?” which discussed on how free expression fits into society and journalism using case studies on migration, misogyny and acts of terrorism. Panelists included Aidan White (Director of the Ethical Journalism Network) and Annette Young (Journalist & Presenter on The 51 Percent on France 24).

The full video can be found on the EJN Youtube channel.

Director’s Letter: September 2015

The issue of migration was on front pages around the world in September with much focus on the tragic picture of Aylan Kurdi, the child who tragically drowned as his family fled the war in Syria. This picture became an iconic image of the human tragedy in the Middle East migration crisis and posed many ethical questions for newsrooms. The EJN also raised the issue (see here) and examined the editorial dilemmas facing media – particularly against the backdrop of political challenges in Europe and elsewhere.

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Director's Letter

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Migrants and Refugees

Millions of migrants seeking asylum in Europe face hostility, racism, and red tape. John Oliver does one admittedly tiny thing for one of them. (Watch the full video on Last Week Tonight)

Oregon Newspaper Removes Handgun Ad From Mass Shooting Coverage

In the midst of an emotionally wrenching breaking news cycle, Oregon’s oldest daily newspaper was reminded of the challenges of serving up the proper digital ads. To its credit, The Oregonian handled the situation quickly and efficiently. (Read more on The Fish Bowl NY)

The Financial Times Readies Paid Posts For Advertisers

The Financial Times is revamping its approach to branded content, with the aim of giving advertisers more options. But what are the ethical implications? (Read more on Digiday)

1 in 4 Women: How the Latest Sexual Assault Statistics Were Turned into Click Bait by the ‘New York Times’

Estimates such as “1 in 5” or “1 in 4” as a global rate are oversimplistic, if not misleading and adds to the skepticism that sexual assault is in fact a problem. Here’s how the media can get it right. (Read more on The Huffington Post)

The 4 Bare-bones Things Every Journalist Needs To Know About Verification

Some might walk away thinking that verification always involves this kind of master-class level knowledge. Sometimes it does, but most of the time it begins with a series of simple, relatively quick checks that help a journalist probe and test a piece of information. What you find will then help you decide how much deeper you need to go. (Read more on Medium)

Can I Use That? A Legal Primer For Journalists

As a media law scholar and practicing media lawyer, I field all manner of questions every week—from students, journalists, editors, and others. Whether I’m speaking generally to a non-client or giving specific legal advice to a client, I’ve noticed that the questions fall into three broad categories: Can I use that? Can I say that? Can I do that? (Read more on Columbia Journalism Review)