3rd November 2015
By Stefanie Chernow

Ethical Journalism Newsletter: November 3, 2015


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Ethical News And Debates

Turkey sinks to new low in its debasement of a free press

The appointment of a ‘trustee panel’ to oversee the output of Istanbul publisher Koza-Ipek is more depressing than the police closing it down. (Read more on The Guardian)

The bogus anti-refugee talking points that refuse to die

Answering questions at a Republican presidential candidates’ forum in Iowa on Saturday, Sen. Ted Cruz had some strong words about President Obama’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Yet the problem was each sentence contained a significant shading or outright misrepresentation of the truth. (Read more on Columbia Journalism Review)

Climate change is depressing and horrible. Is there a way to make people read about it?

“A lot of coverage goes straight for the ‘we are 100 percent doomed’ jugular.” (Read more on Nieman Labs)

Social media’s ethics quandary probed in Qatar

Qataris are active on social media but users are constantly cautioned not to violate the country’s laws lest they run afoul of authorities. (Read more on the Huffington Post)

Responding to criticism, SXSW Interactive announces expanded anti-harassment programming

The South By Southwest Interactive Festival announced today a daylong slate of programming devoted to online anti-harassment, stepping away from its controversial decision to cancel two panels amid threats of violence. (Read more Poytner)


IPI releases report on press freedom mission to Turkey

The International Press Institute (IPI) today released a report on the Joint International Emergency Press Freedom Mission to Turkey undertaken last week by a broad coalition of international free expression and press freedom groups, including the Ethical Journalism Network. (Read the IPI report here)

Webinar: Deeper perspectives on migration and asylum

Migration and Asylum dominate today’s news. Yet it is difficult for journalists to produce thoughtful background information and evidence based analysis as the issue has a high degree of complexity.

An open online course connecting migration experts, researchers and journalists from Europe and Africa will provide information and pathways to quality resources.

The course will consist of five live web-video-conference discussions. These will be followed by asynchronous online discussions and accompanying material. (Sign up for the Torial Academy course here)

Al Jazeera launches an Arabic translation of The Data Journalism Handbook

This week, Al Jazeera launched an Arabic edition of The Data Journalism Handbook as a part of the channel’s 19th anniversary celebrations.

The Handbook draws upon the expertise of more than 70 leading advocates and practitioners of data journalism, including experts from the New York Times, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, the Chicago Tribune, Deutsche Welle, the Guardian, the Financial Times, La Nación, ProPublica, the Washington Post, the Texas Tribune, Zeit Online, and many others.

Download the Arabic translation here or check out the other language versions here.