24th November 2015
By Stefanie Chernow

Ethical Journalism Newsletter: November 24, 2015


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Ethical News And Debates

Cracking the Code to Accountable and Ethical Journalism

Streamed live on Nov 23, 2015

This online debate, with the Ethical Journalism Network and the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, examines the reality of ethics in the media and lays out a framework for how individuals and media can incorporate codes of ethics to increase the value in their communications. A new tool, the Accountable Journalism database, will be introduced as a practical means to research ethical concepts.

What we got right and wrong in coverage of the Paris attacks

Readers’ response to our round-the-clock live blogs reporting on the bombings and shootings in France – and their aftermath – was extraordinary. (Read more on The Guardian)

The problem with selfies

After a horrific tragedy like the one in Paris, your work should not scream, “Look at meeeee!” You are not the story. (Read more on the Huffington Post)

Where do science journalists draw the line?

Fees for freelancers have remained stagnant for decades and when media companies don’t pay expenses, reporters miss out on stories. So what should be allowed? (Read more on CJR)

The English-speaking world could learn a lot from France to rebuild trust in the media

Mainstream news organisations in France are taking the fight of misinformation to the hoaxers on social media, and reaping the rewards. (Read more on First Draft News)

Tipsy, a simple Chrome extension, bets on readers who want to pay a little for the content they consume

If you could set up recurring donations to your favourite and most-frequented news sites, of your own accord and in amount of your own choosing, would you do it? (Read more on Nieman Lab)