Ethical Journalism Newsletter: May 29, 2015


Ethical Journalism News And Debates

Trust in Journalism: The Ethical Challenge of the Information Age

The Internet brings with it new opportunities for revival of transparent and accountable journalism which, at its best, should be good enough to inspire a new culture of responsible communications for everyone. However, this will only happen if news makers fully understand why ethics must be nourished and the craft of journalism strengthened.

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Broadcast Meet Tackles Terrorism, Policies, Challenges

The fine line between the freedom to know and disseminate information, and, holding back on what may be deemed harmful, or could land journalists in trouble.

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Young women twice as exposed to cyber bullying as men

Female journalists between the age of 25 and 35 are twice as exposed to bullying and threats as their male colleagues of the same age. The bullying is a democratic problem, says researcher (via Kilden).

Pakistan’s media is silent as hundreds protest government gag on Bol news group

The government of Pakistan has placed a gag order on the company behind Bol, a brand new, well-financed Pakistani media outlet that gave co-ownership to journalists. Issued by the Ministry of Information, the gag puts in jeopardy the future of two thousand employees of Bol, which was scheduled to launch in just a few weeks (via Global Voices)

One reporter faces carrying the can for payments to public officials at The Sun: If that’s justice, then I’m a banana

It is now clear that hundreds of thousands of pounds has been paid by Sun journalists to a variety of public officials, including police officers, over the last decade (via Press Gazette).