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Director’s Letter: May 2015

As the drama of a failed coup was being played out on May 12-13 in Burundi, where people feared an explosion of fresh violence between the country’s Hutu and Tutsi communities, the EJN and East African media leaders met in neighbouring Tanzania to debate how journalism can avoid becoming used for hate speech.

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Covering Burundi elections proves challenging for journalists as country plummets into uncertainty

Covering the run-up to Burundi’s parliamentary elections has been tricky for local journalists and correspondents, as recent chaos and unrest pushed back the polls to June 5. (via IJNET)

Only days before the crucial national vote, Turkey’s election mood offers nothing but profound concern

Pro-government media, plus the “mainstream” media, strictly self-censored by its proprietors in fear of losing lucrative public contracts, have been deliberately failing to reflect that critical mood, but anyone with sanity in today’s Turkey is worried that the state of the nation leaves no room for optimism in the future. (via Today’s Zama)

Readers have mixed feelings about journalists interacting on Facebook

On Facebook, personal storytelling and interaction abound. For journalists, however, these practices seem to breach traditional norms that they should avoid entering the fray. But what about when journalists have Facebook pages? Should journalists engage, as Facebook norms suggest? Or avoid interaction, as traditional journalism norms dictate? (via American Press Institute)

Stories that got it right in health news

Examples of recent news stories or news releases from the Associated Press, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Wall Street Journal and others that received top 5-star scores from health care reviewers. (via Health News Review)

Reports and Resources

Untold Stories: How Corruption and Conflicts of Interest Stalk the Newsroom

The world of journalism is full of good intentions but the idea of news media as a cornerstone of democracy and ethical values is fast disappearing according to a report released by the Ethical Journalism Network.

The report, Untold Stories: How Corruption and Conflicts of Interest Stalk the Newsroom, covers 18 countries and exposes how financially-stricken news media are being overwhelmed by political and corporate forces.

The report finds that in countries both rich and poor, there are ‘dark arts’ at work in newsrooms: media managers are doing deals with advertisers to carry paid-for material disguised as honest news; reporters and editors accept bribes and irregular payments; and a culture of dependence on political and corporate friends makes it increasingly difficult to separate journalism from propaganda and impartial reporting from public relations.

Read the full report Untold Stories: How Corruption and Conflicts of Interest Stalk the Newsroom

[Video] Transparency of Ownership

If we don’t know who owns the media and who they are really speaking for, how can media be trusted? Watch the EJN video here.


World Association of Newspapers Congress

Washington, D.C.

EJN panel on 2 June at 12:30
Working Lunch with the Ethical Journalism Network
Is Paid for content overwhelming journalism? How do we protect editorial independence and retain public trust?

Moderator: Aidan White, EJN Director

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Investigative Reporters and Editors Conference 2015


From June 4-7, The best in the business will gather for more than 150 panels, hands-on classes and special presentations about covering business, public safety, government, health care, education, the military, the environment and other key beats.

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