12th June 2015
By Stefanie Chernow

Ethical Journalism Newsletter: June 12, 2015

Ethical Journalism News And Debates

Ethics at the source: Protecting the people behind the stories that keep journalism alive

Journalists may take pride in the eloquence of their storytelling, but even the best reporters know they are only as good as their sources. This is why the industry must protect whistle-blowing in the age of mass surveillance.

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Five survival tips for reporting about religion in dangerous environments

Journalists need to cover religion, even when it’s risky, to hold authorities accountable and distinguish dangerous rumors from reality. Here are five survival tips for reporting about religion in dangerous environments. (Read more on ijnet)

The ethics of using opposition research

Most information comes from people with an agenda. Do journalists have an ethical responsibility to reveal the interests of their sources? (Read more on the New York Times)

Al Jazeera America accused of bias against non-Arabs and women

Dismissed documentary unit head Shannon High-Bassilik claims in lawsuit that Qatar-owned TV channel abandoned neutrality in favor of Arab viewpoint. (Read more on The Guardian)

IPSO third-party complaints on climate change ’empower bullies and curb press freedom’

The Independent Press Standards Organisation has come under fire for the way it deals with complaints for third parties about scientific claims. (Read more on Press Gazette)

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