Ethical Journalism Newsletter: February 4, 2014


Ethical Journalism News

Towards 1984? New Internet bill to further restrict freedom of information, sparks reactions

As Turkish Parliament prepares for a vote on a restrictive internet bill, here is a detailed report by Today’s Zaman on what its possible repercussions will be. (Yavuz Baydar)

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Why all the angst? Blogging is far from dead.

A proposal to ban some academics from blogging is terribly misguided. The real issue isn’t blogging, but acting responsibly. (The Guardian)

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So Long to Russia’s Only Independent TV Station?

The only opposition television station operating today in Russia is now threatened with losing access to cable broadcasting. A product of the brief political thaw under President Dmitri Medvedev, TV Rain, or “Dozhd” in Russian, has been on air since April 2010. The station is accessible online (for a fee), by satellite, and via cable television. It is this last option that might go the way of the dinosaurs very soon. (Global Voices)

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Public editor: What’s advertising and what’s editorial should be made clear

Have we reached a point where car companies sponsor stories in the G&M? Or hire freelance writers to do articles with product placement potential? (The Globe and Mail)

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How Toronto’s news gave j-students a crash course in media law and journalism ethics

When Ryerson professors Ivor Shapiro and Brian MacLeod Rogers sat down to plan their annual graduate seminar in ethics and law for last fall, they quickly realized that they wouldn’t need to look far for examples. News coverage of Rob Ford and his family provided case studies in almost every aspect of journalists’ rights and wrongs. (The Canadian Journalism Project)

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What We Stand For

The Global Campaign to Strengthen the Craft of Journalism: Ethics, Good Governance and Media Self-Regulation

The Ethical Journalism Network’s manifesto includes the current challenges which face the media industry in the information age and how the mission of the EJN can strengthen the craft of journalism.

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Democracy in Crisis: Corruption, Media, and Power in Turkey

Turkey’s government is improperly using its leverage over media to limit public debate about government actions and punish journalists and media owners who dispute government claims, deepening the country’s political and social polarization, Freedom House concludes in a report issued on February 3.

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