Ethical Journalism Newsletter: February 11, 2014


Ethical Journalism News

EJN Cairo Special: Egyptian Editors Organise to Confront Media Crisis

The elegant Greek Club in the heart of downtown Cairo has hosted many joyful society events over the years, but the 30 or so editors and leading journalists who gathered there on Monday for the inaugural meeting of the Egyptian Editors Association were not in a cheerful mood.

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Libération journalists fight investors’ vision for future of French newspaper

Staff fear shareholders are intent on making money from brand and building, ‘with no mention of journalism’. (The Guardian)

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Tanzanian Media ‘Improved’ its Ethics, But Still Has ‘Challenges,’ says Media Council

Tanzanian media has been better at abiding by journalism ethics standards, the Media Council of Tanzania’s Arbitration and Ethics Manager Allan Lawa said at a media event this week. “Frankly speaking, the level of ethical practice among media personnel has improved compared to previous years. However, we still have some challenges to address,” Lawa said. (iMediaEthics)

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“No press” decrees: A challenge for reporters

Around the world, AP’s staff battles for access when officials try to block us from places and events where reporters deserve to be. Our tools can range from quiet persuasion to public protest, from legal action to just showing up uninvited. We’re not out to break the law, but we should view baseless “no press” decrees as a challenge, not a fate. (AP)

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Moscow School Shooting: Firsthand Accounts and Mistaken Identities

Tragedy struck a Moscow school when a straight-A student brought two hunting rifles to class and killed his geography teacher, also shooting two police officers that tried to apprehend him (one of them later died). As is often the case in the modern era, some of the tragic story played out online. (Global Voices)

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UNESCO publishes climate change guidebook for African journalists

African media can and should do more to tell the story of climate change, observes a new UNESCO publication, titled Climate Change in Africa: A Guidebook for Journalists. (Internews)

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