Ethical Journalism Newsletter: April 14, 2015


Ethical Journalism News And Debates

The real problem with Judith Miller

It’s okay that the New York Times reporter got Iraq wrong—the trouble with her new memoir is she still won’t admit she actually did. (via Politico)

The most concerning element of Facebook’s potential new power

Facebook has more power in determining who can speak and who can be heard around the globe than any Supreme Court justice, any king or any president. Yet the Times is willingly handing its censorship keys over to that king of kings. (via Columbia Journalism Review)

Complaining to Telegraph titles under IPSO – a 12 step guide

So you think you have a valid complaint about an article in the Daily or Sunday Telegraph? Follow these 12 steps to see all the different ways your complaint will be stonewalled. (via MediaWise)

Press could face threat of statutory regulation by Ofcom under Labour government

Labour’s pledge to enforce the Leveson report recommendations could ultimately see the UK press threatened with regulation by Ofcom. (via Press Gazette)

How a visual cliche about mental health can slip through

The pressures of decision-making in a hurry sometimes get the better of our intention not to use ‘headclutcher’ pictures on mental health stories. (via The Guardian)