Ethical Journalism Newsletter: April 10, 2015


Ethical Journalism News And Debates

New York Times public editor defends graphic South Carolina video

The Times gave huge space online and in print Wednesday to the fatal shooting of a black South Carolina man by a white police officer. Given the events last summer in Ferguson, Mo., that decision needs no explanation. But some readers did complain to me on Wednesday about two aspects of the coverage: the use of the violent video of the shooting, and the juxtaposition of the victim’s arrest record with positive biographical information about the police officer. (via The New York Times)

Why we need to unite to fight back against the global war on journalism

Broadcasters and news outlets are beginning to awaken to an unpleasant fact – that what we are witnessing is not just a case of a unlucky reporters caught in the crossfire, but an attack on the press on an unprecedented scale – a global war on journalism. And it’s getting worse. (via Press Gazette)

BBC Scotland calls for online abuse restraint

There are times when social media and other online sites have been used to abuse and threaten journalists. This is completely unacceptable and our journalists are entitled to carry out their work without the threat of unwarranted personal attacks online. (via The BBC)

Journalist faces charges after publishing report critical of Sri Lankan police

A freelance journalist for a Tamil-language daily in Sri Lanka has been charged in connection with a story he wrote that criticized the police, according to news reports and the paper’s editor. (via The Committee to Protect Journalists)

Head of Canadian broadcast giant Bell Media quits, caught tampering with news coverage

Bell Media, Canada’s largest communication and broadcasting company, announced Thursday that its president Kevin Crull will step down, effective immediately. Crull had been discovered trying to interfere with reporting at CTV, the largest television network in the country. (via Poynter)

Ethics of promoting advertisers

An assignment editor for a New York television station said that management is directing the news staff to give favorable “news” coverage to local advertisers.The AdviceLine adviser said management’s mandate clearly is unethical, and the assignment editor recognizes that. But what to do about it? (via Ethics AdviceLine For Journalists)


10th ASEF Journalists’ Colloquium: Crisis Reporting

The 10th ASEF Journalists’ Colloquium will focus on crisis reporting. The colloquium will be organised in conjunction with the 12th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM FMM12) in November in Luxembourg. This colloquium will bring together 25 Asian and European practicing journalists to discuss and learn different approaches, skills and tools used in crisis reporting from Asian and European perspectives. Deadline to apply is 12 May. (via The Asia-Europe Foundation)