Ethical Journalism Newsletter: January 24, 2014


Ethical Journalism News

Director’s Letter: January 2014

As we launch the latest phase of our work, including a decision taken in December to reinforce our legal status and to prepare a strategy for our further development, we owe much to the commitment of a growing group of individuals and organisations dedicated to our core objective to strengthen the craft of journalism.

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Web comments ‘more civil’ when journalists interact, study shows

When journalists interact with commenting communities it can make a huge difference to the level of ‘uncivil’ comments, a new study suggests. (

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Ethics should matter more to journalists than storytelling

A Grantland article outing a trans person sparked a furore. Transparency doesn’t account for the fact that a journalist’s truth is not greater than that of their subjects. (The Guardian)

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Ex-footballer Collymore accuses Twitter over abusive messages

Former footballer Stan Collymore has accused Twitter of not doing enough to combat abusive messages after he was targeted by internet trolls. (BBC)

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Fairness In Covering Israel And The Palestinians: The End Of An Accounting

A quarterly review over the past 11 years of NPR’s coverage of Israel and the Palestinians—a self-assessment that may be unique in the annals of American journalism—comes to an end with the attached last report that finds lack of completeness but strong factual accuracy and no systematic bias. (NPR)

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The Fundamental of Laws, Rules and Codes of Ethics Concerning Media Practices

A quick overview of the principles of media law and self regulation in a democratic society. This presentation was given during a seminar on media self regulation in Cairo, Egypt.

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Building Trust In Media Futures

How can the media ensure the future of journalism is ethical? The EJN provides a short presentation with key principles that are vital to journalism’s bright future

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Media Ethics: Key Principles for Responsible Practice

Media Ethics: Key Principles for Responsible Practice makes ethics accessible and applicable to media practice, and explains key ethical principles and their application in print and Broadcast Journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing, and digital media. (Pulist)

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EJN Members Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

More information coming soon. If you’d like to attend the EJN members meeting, please contact Stefanie Chernow at [email protected]

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East-West Center International Media Conference: Challenges Of A Free Press

Yangon, Myanmar

With Myanmar’s dramatic media reforms in the past two years, the upcoming international media conference in Yangon has been drawing a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation. EJN Director Aidan White will be a speaker at the conference and will discuss how to build ethical journalism practices.

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IPI World Congress

The 2014 Congress – which will be held in April, just before the South African presidential election – will explore a number of key topics, including: the Chinese Government’s Role in the Developing World, a look at the ‘new’ South Africa and its media 20 years on, new technologies for distribu

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