31st October 2017
By Tom Law

The Art of the Lie – Global perspectives on Fake News

At the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism Summit 2017 Aidan White took part in a plenary discussing global perspectives on fake news and a workshop on the future of ethics in journalism.

The Art of the Lie: Global Perspectives on Fake News The Art of the Lie – Global perspectives on Fake News:

We seem to be in a new era where truth is no longer objective or even obtainable; Some go so far as to say there is no such thing, just different opinions, all valid. In a field that has long prided itself on finding and presenting evidence, what are investigative reporters to do? How can you combat fake news and help readers and viewers to distinguish among mistakes, propaganda and real news?

The panel including Andy Lehren a New York Times investigative reporter and Drew Sullivan, co-founded the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Program (OCCRP), was moderated by Ivo Burum, an Australian journalist and award-winning writer, director and television executive producer.

Ethics: Old school and a new vision for the future of journalism – hosted by WAN-IFRA Ethics: Old school and a new vision for the future of journalism-hosted-by-wan-ifra-br-khlqyt-lshf-lmdrs-lqdym-wlrwy-lmstqbly

In this talk, Aidan White analysed how journalism with a public purpose is being overwhelmed by a “post-truth” movement in which facts and expert opinion are sidelined. Public trust, Aidan argued, can only return when people have confidence that powerful institutions – government, the state, corporations are accountable and listening to their concerns. Journalism at its best can do this job, but only with support. He talked about sustainable solutions to the funding crisis facing independent media, campaign to combat hatred and intolerance, pressuring social networks and Internet companies to accept responsibility as news publishers.

Highlights of the plenary and ethics workshop

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Global perspectives on Fake News – Speakers

Andrew Lehren- Reporter, New York Times

Andy Lehren is a New York Times investigative reporter who specializes in data journalism. He mined the Snowden files; probed Wikileaks diplomatic cables, including for the best-selling book “Open Secrets” and contributed to a Pulitzer-winning examination of substandard Chinese chemicals tainting pharmaceuticals He has uncovered pension abuses that led to arrests, documented substandard care at military hospitals that led to reforms. At NBC, he reported on 9/11, terrorism and racially biased policing. Honors include a Polk, Peabody, and three Investigative Reporters & Editors awards. He teaches at the City University of New York and at Columbia University. @lehrennyt

Drew Sullivan- Editor, OCCRP

Drew Sullivan, USA, co-founded the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Program (OCCRP) where he now serves as editor-in-chief. He is a journalist and social entrepreneur who founded the Center for Investigative Reporting in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2004 as well as the Journalism Development Network, an innovative media development organization with programs worldwide. Under his editing direction, OCCRP has won the European Press Prize, the Daniel Pearl Award (twice), the Online Journalism Award for investigative reporting (twice), the Global Shining Light Award (four times), the Tom Renner award for Crime Reporting (twice) among dozens of others. OCCRP contributed to the Panama Papers which won a 2016 Pulitzer Prize. He has previously worked as an investigative reporter for the Tennessean newspaper and the Associated Press. He serves or has served on the boards of Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, Investigative Reporters and Editors and the National Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting. Before becoming a journalist, he was a professional stand-up comedian and an aerospace engineer on the Space Shuttle Project for Rockwell Space Systems.

Aidan White- Director and CEO, Ethical Journalism Network

Aidan worked as a journalist with newspapers in the United Kingdom, including the Birmingham Evening Mail, the Financial Times and The Guardian, before taking up his post as General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists from 1987-2011 based in Brussels.
He founded the EJN in 2012. He has written extensively on human rights, ethics and journalism issues and played a leading role in establishing the International News Safety Institute, the global campaign for news safety, as well as the creation of IFEX, the International Freedom of Expression Exchange, a global network of free expression campaigners.

Global perspectives on Fake News – Moderator

Ivo Burum

Ivo Burum is an Australian journalist and award-winning writer, director and television executive producer. A mojo expert, he has more than 30 years experience in fact-based reporting, , including working on frontline international current affairs like Foreign Correspondent and 60 Minutes. A pioneer in UGS creation, Burum holds a Ph.D. from Deakin University and lectures in multimedia journalism. He also has trained more than 1,500 print journalists and hundreds of students in mojo. He develops powerful community-based mojo projects and runs Burum Media, a mojo and web TV consultancy that trains journalists, educators and citizens. He has published widely, including his latest book: Mojo-The Mobile Journalism Handbook.