Talking Accountability

Key topics: Ethics in journalism; digitizing journalism; importance of quality; factual journalism; news dissemination

Talking Accountability—a DNN Town Hall

This discussion, between the founders of the Distributed News Network – Samit Singh (CEO) and Dondrey Taylor  (CTO) and the EJN’s Tom Law, focused on the rise of misinformation in popular culture, and in the media realm. This was the second of DNN’s four-part series focusing on —fake news, sensationalism, publishing bias, and bi-partisanship, in the context of accountability in online media.

The goal of the discussion was to open up the dialogue on what we mean by accountability, quality and accurate news creation, dissemination, and consumption and what collaborative solutions are available.

Questions included:

  1. What is ethical journalism and why is it important?
  2. It can be argued that in today’s media climate, journalists are under an intensified amount of pressure to perpetually feed the news pipeline, and given the online media environment, at times being first trumps being right. This affects the quality of information being disseminated. In light of this would you say that ethics in journalism has also taken a back seat?
  3. This highlights the importance of ethical journalism in today’s media-hungry world. In other words, how has the moral and professional obligation to report the news ethically changed in response to the growing demand for news?
  4. There seems to be a growing sense of apathy from the general public towards consuming heavily vetted and sourced news. There are several different reasons that play into this phenomenon.  So, how would you suggest current journalism standards might be playing a part? Is maintaining a strong set of ethics in journalism helping to address this issue, and if so, how?

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