This report on the first year’s activity of the Ethical Journalism Network covers a period of intense activity following the launch of the EJN in 2012. During this time the EJN has established itself as an expert voice on critical issues concerning the ethical performance of media and journalists.
The EJN has engaged in high-level discussions on media policy development at national and international level and has produced a number of practical tools designed to assist journalists and media professionals.
The report outlines the activities of the EJN in targeted regions and covers all activities planned and executed with the support of a grant from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sets out a full calendar of events and actions of the EJN in this period.


Activities 2012-2013
Calendar of Activities
Attachment One: Pakistan Report
Ethical Media Audit
Election Code and Guidelines
Press Council Reform
Public Broadcasting Declaration
Attachment Two: Egypt Report     
Ethical Media Plan for Egypt            
Guide to Self-Regulation                   
Attachment Three: EJN Texts

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